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Chapters of confidence tag! (and more)

hello loves! it's so nice to be posting again! Its been a really crazy and hard couple of months! With that in mind, I wanted to do something that I could really get behind so I decided to do this post! I've been nominated for 3 awards!!!! *makes shocked emoji face* In this post I will be doing every tag/award/challenge that I have been nominated for! So without further ado let's goooooooooo!


So I have kinda been stuck in a rut of self-loathing and un-motivation lately which let me tell you is not at all fun... so decided to work on a blog subject that kinda challenges me in my perspective of myself and shares such a good message!

I just want to say a big thank you to Hailey from sunshine and rain (click on the link to see her beautifully amazing blog!) she has grown so much and is so mature in all the things she does and I am so proud to be able to call her my friend! she helped spur me on to make my own blog after I had no idea what I was doing and has helped me ever since! Hailey started this tag with intentions to help other teens (and adults!) going through a hard time with their self-esteem and body image and I just want to point out how amazing that is to be vulnerable about your own insecurities and to put it upon your self to help others who are also struggling! thank you for being you, Hailey! and the ray of sunshine you are (you get what I did there hay?)

okay so here are the rules for this tag!

1. Use the same featured image for the tag! (the pink one) you are also free to make your own as I have per Hailey's instructions!

2. thank the blogger who nominated you! Again thank you so much, Hailey! also pingback the tags creator! (That would be Hailey at

3. Talk about some ways you have struggled with self-confidence or esteem the past, or things that have helped you with it. (which I will do in just a second!)

4. Out of self love, and confidence, make a "List of you". A list of however many things you'd like that you think to make up the beautiful you! And end the "List of you" with a simple " I am (your name)" The List of You is meant to boost your own confidence and self-esteem. It is not out of bragging, but simply out of self-love and encouragement! It is okay to be proud of who you are, and to show that you believe you are beautiful!

5. Nominate as many people as you want, spread the message of confidence to as many hearts as possible! you can even nominate a friend who doesn't have a blog and have them guest post on your blog!

Now that the rules are out of the way! let's start by explaining a little bit of my self-esteem journey. I have struggled for about 6 years now with my self-esteem and honestly mental esteem as well. and let me tell you it is never fun. when you look in the mirror and see every single fault and not a single beautiful thing about yourself it's honestly so heartbreaking and such a difficult thing to go through! it's taken me such a long time to be able to challenge the thoughts in my head and turn my perspective of my body into a positive one and not one of self-loathing and hatred. if I'm being honest I'm still working so hard to change that perspective! so what you've all been waiting for here's my list of me!

Allies list of me!

  1. I am enough!

  2. I am so loved!

  3. I am beautiful!

  4. I am smart!

  5. I am a good friend!

  6. I am loved no matter if I have a boyfriend or not!

  7. I am thoughtful and kind!

  8. My pain does not define me!

  9. I am the daughter of the one and only king!

  10. I am allowed to have my preferences!

  11. My emotions are valid!

  12. Just because I have hard times that doesn't mean I'm a bad person!

  13. My anxiety isn't a key part of me!

  14. My limitations make me so much stronger!

  15. My skin is beautiful!

  16. My curly messy hair is gorgeous!

  17. My sense of style is unique to me and amazing!

  18. My size is perfect!

  19. My stretch marks are something to be proud of!

  20. The way I look in my swimsuit is perfectly okay!

  21. Just because I struggle with things doesn't mean I'm not smart!

  22. These diagnoses don't define me!

  23. My opinion matters!

  24. I am perfectly and wonderfully made!

  25. I am Allie!

I want to say thank you again to Hailey for creating this tag! this is going to help a lot of people! And I'm so thankful for the opportunity she gave me to look at myself in a positive way instead of a negative one! So thank you once more, Hailey!

Ok now for my nominees! I will probably have a few repeating nominees throughout this post because I, unfortunately, don't know a lot of bloggers *cries at my lack of blogger knowledge* if you have any suggestions please let me know down in the comments! I would love to hear them!

I nominate:

And of course, last but definitely not least you! if you're reading this I challenge you to do this tag! if you don't have a blog feel free to use my contact page and I'm sure we could work out something amazing! That's it for this tag be nice to yourself and know that you are so loved!!


OoooOooOoOoOoooOoo! (like my ghost impression???) mystery blogger award! spooky *smirks* let's just jump right into it!

here are the rules for the award!

  • Use the award picture somewhere on your blog!

  • Thank whoever nominated you! Thank you Eliyah! (Check out her blog here! Everything Eliyah)

  • Mention the creator of the award! (Okoto Engima)

  • Answer the 5 questions the blogger who nominated asked you!

  • Tell 3 things about yourself!

  • Nominate 10-20 people!

  • Notify your nominees!

  • Ask your nominees 5 questions with one weird/funny question!

  • Share a link to your best posts!

My questions from Eliyah!

  1. Summer or Winter? Summer by far! I hate winter *cries at the thought that winter is going to come back in a few months*

  2. Can you do a backflip? [ground or trampoline] Yes! only on trampoline though!

  3. Do you like dolls? When I was little I loved them! and not gonna lie I still have a few of them... *laughs nervously*

  4. If you could choose a board game or a card game what would it be? hmmmmm... probably exploding kittens! it's my family's favorite game to play!

  5. Have you ever gone fishing before? Yes!! when my family and I lived in Florida we went fishing almost every day! the coolest thing I ever caught was an angelfish! (we fed it to a pelican we named ralph...) angelfish are invasive species in Florida (well at least where I lived) so you weren't allowed to throw them back if you caught one!

Three things about myself!

  1. I am studying to become a nurse!

  2. My favorite colors are coral and midnight blue!

  3. And I love to paint!

Questions for my nominees!

  1. What's your all-time favorite memory?

  2. Weirdest food you've ever eaten? and did you like it?

  3. Favorite form of art?

  4. What did you want to be when you were little?

  5. Favorite quote?


best posts!

Well, that concludes my mystery blogger award nomination! Onto the next one!

(we are so close to the end guys if you've made it this far you are the supreme human being and I applaud you so much you have done what no man or woman before you has done survived one of my posts with no traumatic brain injuries you shall teach the next generation of children all the things your now stuffed-full-of-random-information head can handle you are LEGENDARY)


You get the drift by now!! here we gooooooooo!


  1. Thank the person that nominated you (thank you so much hailey! check out her blog here: Sunshine and Rain)

  2. Pingback to the creator, which is Elisha at

  3. Use the same featured image as your nominator (the food one! you can also include your own with the one in this post!)

  4. Answer the 5 questions given by your nominator

  5. Create your own 5 questions

  6. Nominate 5 people


  1. Favorite food of all time? Literally anything Italian!

  2. Favorite dessert/sweets? CHOCOLATE PUDDINGGGGGG!!!! and brownies.

  3. Do you like pickles? Ewwwwwww no! but I lovvveeee cucumbers!

  4. Favorite chips? BBQ lays or cool ranch Doritos!

  5. If you could only pick one food, and one dessert to eat for the rest of your life what would you pick? hmmm... lasagna frittas from olive garden and chocolate pudding obviously!

My questionssss!

  1. The one food you're always craving?

  2. Favorite drink?

  3. Something you wouldn't (even for a million dollars) be caught eating?

  4. Favorite style of food?

  5. Favorite family recipe?


That's all for this post! thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you soon!

Much love,

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Allie ♥

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